An affordable alternative to Medical Aid in South Africa
18 July 2018

In these harsh economic times, medical aid has become an expense that continues to be scrutinised for its cost by many working South Africans. Annual premium increases have put a strain on family budgets and often, medical aid is sacrificed, putting RSA citizens’ health and wellbeing at risk.

Medical and Health Insurance, while not a new product in the health industry, has been devised to address the needs of those who cannot afford conventional medical aid cover. What sets it apart from medical aid, is that medical insurance is not mandated to cover an exhausting list of prescribed minimum benefits which inevitably bump up insurance premiums. The RSA health insurance industry has transformed in recent times with tailored medical insurance plans that protect against life-altering events, but enhanced by daily and specialist benefits to cover you for out-of-pocket expenses, should you require medical attention.

Medical Aid versus Medical Insurance.

How do they differ?

Medical Aid and medical insurance should not be interpreted as the same service plan with a different price tag. A medical aid plan will pay a hospital or medical professional directly for Fees incurred during a visit. Depending on your medical aid cover, costs may be fully or partially covered. With a medical insurance plan such as Day 1 Health, unforeseen hospital visits are cushioned by a cash payout which assists in settling hospital and specialist bills. Depending on the medical insurance product you register with, South Africans’ can also enjoy a limited number of ‘Stated Benefits’, ranging from medication to Dentistry, Pathology and emergency assistance.

Select a Medical Insurance Plan that works for you!


The escalating medical aid premiums forced upon RSA citizens cannot be justified any longer. Day1Health was established in 2003 to ensure that nobody is left behind in their right to access to affordable healthcare. Approved and accredited by both the Financial Services Board (FSB) and the Council of Medical Schemes (CMS). Whether you are an individual, family or senior citizen, Day 1 offers a range of affordable healthcare products that are tailored to your needs. Tired of being ripped off by medical aid rates? Apply Online Today for a great Health Insurance product at exceptional rates.

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