Medical Aid - Why do your Medical Savings run out so soon?
27 August 2018

If you are or have been on a medical aid scheme, you may be all too familiar with the scenario where your medical savings account has run dry, and you are suddenly forced to pay the full cost of a daily expense such as a doctors or specialist visit.

Under the Medical Schemes Act, the percentage of your premiums assigned to your medical savings account will be a maximum of 25%. In truth, with the rising cost of healthcare, medical savings are quickly exhausted and policyholders are left wondering why they are paying so much for medical aid yet being forced to cough up for what seems a legitimate claim. Entering the “pay as you go” gap is no fun, but there are affordable methods to prepare for medical aid shortcomings.



Medical Insurance - Covering you when your Medical Aid Scheme draws a Blank


Despite your medical savings account drawing a negative, your medical aid scheme will still cover for Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMBs) and any In-Hospital Treatment, as stipulated in your medical aid plan. When it comes to incurring any future daily expenses though, there is a lifeline! Medical Insurance Plans are tailored health insurance products that offer both primary and hospital healthcare at a far more affordable monthly premium. The main advantage that insurance cover has over Medical Aids is that they are not encumbered with having to cover ' prescribed minimum benefits (See List) With medical insurance, you can choose your benefits, at a price that safeguards your entire family for a fraction of the medical scheme equivalent.




Day1Health was established in 2003 to address the needs of those who cannot keep up with the spiralling costs of medical aid cover. Offering a range of ‘Stated Benefit Insurance Plans’, Day1Health places preventative healthcare at the forefront of its product offerings. Medical Aid Savings account woes become a thing of the past with Unlimited Managed Doctor Visits through the 1Doctor Health Network. Coupled with additional Stated Hospital Plan Benefits, it offers comprehensive healthcare at significant value for money. Say goodbye to costly medical aid bills appearing in your postbox by Applying Online today.

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