SA Hospital Plan - the Non-Negotiable in protecting your Health in RSA.
29 November 2018

With rising medical aid premiums becoming an ‘expense too far’ for many RSA households, belonging to a quality Hospital Plan has become a critical part of protecting you and your family’s health and wellbeing.

Being hospitalized is an unforeseen event with medical costs rising according to the medical procedures and care required. A Hospital Plan provides you with In-Hospital Illness Cash Benefits to alleviate the costs of your treatment during a hospital admission. For a fraction of the cost of medical aid cover, every RSA citizen can obtain medical insurance through a range of Hospital Plan products with added benefits such as 24-hour emergency support, accident benefit, and added funeral benefit.

Why choose a Hospital Plan? 

Have your medical aid premiums increased yet again? Not getting any substantial return from your contributions? A credible Hospital Plan is not encumbered with having to cover Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMB’s) that are responsible for escalating medical aid premiums. RSA citizens can choose from a number of tailored Hospital Plans with premiums starting as low as R380 per month which pay you a specific amount for each day that you are hospitalized. Combined with a Day to Day plan, it represents the most affordable and sensible option to be financially prepared for hospital expenses in RSA.

Choosing a Hospital Plan provider that pays off (and from Day One)

A reliable Hospital Plan is one which offers its members a vast network of hospitals with the assurance that your unplanned visit is covered by a host of benefits, allowing you to focus on a quick recovery. With Day 1 Health you can choose between a number of hospital plan benefit options, to suit you and your family’s needs. As a fully accredited health insurance market leader, Day 1 Health provides In-Hospital Benefit from the day you are admitted, with policies underwritten by African Unity Life Limited.

Apply Online today to enjoy the peace of mind of comprehensive Hospital cover at an affordable monthly price.

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