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“The more Day1 Health can drive down healthcare costs – e.g. the cost of anaesthetists, hospital beds and so forth – the more it can control its operating costs, thereby enhancing the value of its healthcare benefits for its clients,” explains Jason Crisp, Senior Legal Adviser, Day1 Health.

“This approach is crucial in assisting the CMS in formulating a cost effective, low-cost benefit option,” he adds.

“Ultimately, our aim is to alleviate pressure on State facilities. Provided we have the proper funding in place, Day1 Health can explore the option of introducing mobile clinics into its stable further down the line.”

The company’s main aim is development and growth: as it grows, Day1 Health will establish a series of clinics in each province, employ its own GPs, incentivise them to help run the clinics, and have the clinic become administration centres, thereby adopting a decentralised model.

“Our first clinic opened in Mayfair, Johannesburg and will become a healthcare centre of excellence,” says Crisp. Situated next to the Netcare Garden City Hospital in the heart of Mayfair, this pioneer Day1 Health Clinic stands proudly on the main road, allowing easy access for Day1 Health members.… Read More

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