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Medical Insurance

Which flavour of ice cream do you want? Cup or cone? How do you like your coffee? With or without wings?  Which Netflix series to watch? Gilmore Girls or Game of Thrones? Medical Aid or Medical Insurance? The latter? OK, so which option or plan? Hospital plan, family plan, singles plan or senior plan? The average person makes around 35,0000 conscious decisions a day. Take out sleeping hours and that equates to 1 decision every 2 seconds. The thought is enough to give you brain freeze! 

We are here to break down the various Day1 Health Medical Insurance plans, so you can make an informed decision when it comes to affordable and quality medical care.  

When it comes to navigating the many medical cover options, you don’t have to worry about ‘decision panic!’


Medical Insurance for the single life

The single life can look quite different from person to person, depending on your context. Whether you are a single parent, an up-and-coming professional, or a young graduate, you need to make medical cover and health insurance a top priority. The stress of balancing your priorities and budget, however, is a daily challenge. Day1 Health Insurance understands your unique circumstances, so we’ve created medical insurance packages just for you. We will partner with you with our affordable Day to Day or Value Plus Plan, which include primary healthcare as well as hospitalisation, death and funeral benefits. Get the medical benefits and health coverage you need, all at competitive prices.


Medical Insurance for family life

Your family means the world to you, which means that taking care of them is your #1 priority. The same should apply when considering medical cover. For the best medical cover, encompassed by Day1 Health’s 3 options – Value Plus Plan, Platinum Plan or Executive Plan you are able to select the best option to ensure optimum medical coverage for your family. The stress of providing the best medical insurance is taken care of so that you can focus on time spent with those who are most important to you. So go ahead and book the ballet lessons, the violin lessons, or buy the miniature hamster. Day1 Health’s affordable options ensure your family life does not need to be compromised.   


Medical Insurance for the twilight years

‘Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.’ The changing seasons of life bring new experiences to be enjoyed and new questions to consider. Age may just be a number, but at Day1 Health we take that number seriously. As you grow older, you have more wisdom, more life experience and more memories, but that should not mean paying more for quality medical cover. Because every age has its benefits, we believe that medical benefits should not be compromised because of changing incomes. We have tailored our Senior (+55) Medical Insurance Plan and Senior Comprehensive Plan to help you comfortably plan for the future, without inhibiting your lifestyle. This gives you access to affordable health care and hospital coverage, providing age-specific benefits for peace of mind.  


Medical Insurance for a hospital stay only

Amid the hustle and bustle of work, social life, and everything in between, no one plans on ending up in the hospital. But life has a way of rearranging our plans because the only certainty is that nothing is certain! A hospital stay for you or your loved ones is likely to be a reality at some point in your lives. Don’t let unforeseen circumstances catch you off guard. At Day1 Health, our affordable Hospital Plan packages for under 55 and over 55 will cover your hospital stay and help you prepare for the unexpected so you can get back to living your daily life with peace of mind. 


Day1 Heath – The right choice

Day1 Health offers both comprehensive day-to-day options and private hospital benefits at extremely affordable prices and is dual regulated by the Council for Medical Schemes and the Financial Services Conduct Authority. 

As a medical insurance service provider, we are forging ahead to make affordable medical care available to all South Africans. 

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