The Curse of Medical Aid Co-Payments

Medical Aid

One of the key instigators of the rising cost of healthcare has been the system of co-payments – the extra payments that certain private health providers charge your medical scheme.

Despite the well-documented pressures associated with the rising cost of living in RSA, citizens are resolute in maintaining their medical aid cover as the prices of everyday consumables skyrockets each month. Heaven forbid, should anything unforeseen occur and you require immediate emergency treatment, your medical aid contributions will grant you access to the healthcare you need, saving your life in many instances. However, the reality is that medical aid premiums have become too expensive to maintain for most families. The concept is outdated and limited to the elite few. Here’s how you can make arrangements to avoid these hefty extra payments and help steer the tide in bringing down healthcare costs.

Get Accustomed to your Network Provider List

Check your medical aid scheme or insurance plan. Depending on the insurer and policy you are covered under, you will be encouraged to choose between a list of GP’s, hospitals, pharmacists and specialists with an agreement in place to prescribe their services without being liable to pay an additional co-payment. With relationships cemented between the healthcare provider and the medical aid or insurance companies, bills are often settled directly between the two parties, saving you the administrative headache of lodging claims and chasing refunds.

Always ask in Advance if you’re liable for Co-Payments

Although it may feel embarrassing to discuss finances with your healthcare provider, you’re perfectly entitled to enquire if a specific appointment requires a medical aid co-payment or additional tariff. It affords you the opportunity to shop around, should the cost be prohibitive. The 1 Doctor Provider Network, established by Day1 Health is a testament to how a strong and stable partnership with private practitioners nationwide can help drive costs down, keep your monthly premiums low while ensuring you receive quality healthcare without the fear of hidden extra costs.

Say Goodbye to Costly Co-Payments

While medical aid companies aim to incorporate as many network practitioners and clinics as possible under their umbrella, there is inevitably a percentage of doctors and specialists who operate outside any given medical scheme. By availing of one of Day 1 Health’s tailored Benefit Plans, members can choose from a nationwide network of GP’s and dentists with an additional allowance of three out-of-area visits per family per annum. The system of medical aid co-payments is coming to a close – you can end the cycle today by Applying Online today.

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