The Importance of Wellness in Medical Aid and Health Insurance

Medical Aid

There is an old saying that goes “prevention is better than cure”. This applies not only to the medical aid industry, but to the entire human population as a whole. If citizens follow a holistic lifestyle, stick to a healthy diet and engage in regular exercise, the need for medical check-ups and the onset of chronic diseases can be minimized

Both medical aid and health insurance companies are fully aware of this – many having tailored ingenious wellness programmes designed to keep the population in good overall health while relieving the pressure on an already overburdened health system.

Take Care of Yourself – At Home, at Work and at Play

We hear these phrases everywhere we go – whether it is being reminded of the importance of a well-balanced breakfast, the intake of 8 glasses of water a day, or the brisk daily walk that keeps heart and cholesterol problems at bay. South Africa’s largest medical aid providers have taken wellness programmes even a step further by rewarding healthy living with a portfolio of benefits to their members. Discovery Vitality and Momentum Multiply offer members discounts on gym memberships, healthy food items and activity monitors by accumulating ‘points’. However, with the commercial lure of gimmicks and gadgets and despite the uptake to these wellness schemes, we are not seeing a lowering of medical aid premiums. Take a look at the alternative.

Health Clinics – The Secret to bringing down Healthcare Costs

For the majority of the South African population, medical aid is just too expensive to afford and maintain, and seems to be merely sugar-coated with frills, gym-towels and olympians to justify its costly monthly price tag. Day 1 Health has approached health and wellness in a simple and direct manner, with the intention of driving down the cost of healthcare while boosting the wellbeing of all its clients. The company has already launched its first clinic, offering primary health care benefits that clients need, when they need it. In addition, a weight-loss clinic has been successfully integrated into the clinic to monitor any clients with higher than normal BMI. With the overwhelming success of their flagship clinic in Mayfair, Johannesburg, plans are already in place to introduce similar facilities across South Africa.


It’s time to say goodbye to that medical aid sponsored gym card that never gets utilised. With a host of primary healthcare and hospital cover plans starting from just R265 per month, leading a healthy lifestyle is no longer a luxury of the elite. Apply OnlineToday

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